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Michael’s Electric gives you the quality electrical services and guarantee you deserve. Our promptness and excellence is unmatched. Our ability to meet a wide range of needs is part of what makes us the electrical experts of choice. Our team of highly trained electricians make it easy to improve your home and your life.

Endless Possibilities
Do you have any areas in your home that seem to be just a bit too dark? Is there an area in your home where you would enjoy a little better lighting or do you just want a light on your favorite painting? Not only is lighting an essential aspect of quality living, but lighting can also create an incredibly comfortable mood in your home. Track, recessed, and outdoor lighting can help you create the feeling you desire in and outside of your home.

Artwork Lighting Chandelier Installation

Track lighting
Many of your needs can easily be met with the flexibility of track lighting. With track lighting, you can select any lighting pattern to enhance your mantle, wall art, or a corner cabinet.

Kitchen Lighting Wall Art Lighting

Recessed Lighting
If you are in search of an inconspicuous lighting system, recessed lighting is the best you can get. The lighting hardware and lamps itself are installed in the ceiling and out of sight. Although this lighting style is not as flexible as track lighting, there are a variety of light patterns available.

high-ceiling-lights great-room-lighting

Outdoor Lighting
You can create the perfectly lit and perfectly safe outdoor atmosphere with the proper lighting. Not only will your outdoor walkways and driveways become safer, they will also be more attractive. Automatic controls help operate your outdoor lighting system when darkness and motion are detected.


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