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It’s what you don’t see that’s important…

Home Safety Inspection

The safety of your home’s electrical system is not something that should be taken for granted. The truth is, electrical system malfunctions are one of the leading causes of residential fires.

burnt-electrical-panelThat’s why, at Michael’s Electric, we recommend you have your home’s electrical systems checked every year. And we provide a special Home Safety Inspection to do it.

Our electricians will inspect the main electrical service equipment as well as your wiring for outlets, switches and other electrical fixtures. It’s true, electrical components do last longer than most other kinds of “machines”, but they are subject to wear and tear nonetheless. This valuable home safety inspection can help catch problems if any before they turn into costly repairs It may even save your entire home, perhaps even your life.

What you need to know about… Electrical Hazards

Overloaded Or Damaged Extension Cords. This is an all too common cause of fires.

Extension cords should only be used temporarily.

Failing Aluminum Wiring Connections. Many homes built in the 1960s and 1970s are exposed to this hazard. Check the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission, Electrical Safety Publication #516 “Repairing Aluminum Wiring” (

No GFCI In Bathrooms, Kitchens, Outdoors, Or Near Swimming Pools. The ground fault circuit interrrupter has no doubt prevented many electrocutions, however some early vintage units were faulty and need to be replaced.

Not Enough Branch Circuits And Outlets. Consumption of electricity is rising in American homes. Be sure there are enough branches to deliver power to new appliances and electronics.

Fuse Or Circuit Breaker Misuse. Wrong fuses or by-passed fuses are dangerous. Overloading can occur if circuit breakers are not set to trigger properly according to the load capacity of the wiring. Also, just because your house has modern circuit breakers don’t assume they’ll last forever. Consider replacing them if they’re old.

Non-Grounded Or Improperly Polarized Plugs And Outlets. Grounding and polarization were introduced as safety features. Don’t try to bypass them.


burnt-wiring-in-atticNon Existent Or Non Fuctioning Smoke Detectors

Mis-Use Of Light Bulb Wattage For Fixture Rating.

Wire Gage Insufficient For Loads. When in doubt, upgrade to 10 or 12 gage wiring.

Old Wiring. This can take the form of bare or frayed wires, crumbling insulation or faulty switches. Nothing lasts forever including electrical insulation. Homes more than 40 years old are especially susceptible.

Keeping you informed… Protecting Consumers

If you are like most Illinoisans, your home is your most valuable financial asset. Performing upgrades on your home can increase its value, but home improvements can also be needlessly expensive, frustrating and dangerous if you pay for work that does not meet the building codes in your town, or work that is of poor quality. For these reasons, it’s important to take extra care when you hire a electrical contractor to work on your home.

Please visit the Illinois Attorney General web site for more information.

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